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 Aerial photography

Our company operates with a fully insured and fully Certified FAA UAV pilot with an eye for taking advantage of soaring views. After a lifetime of being surrounded by aviation, and a photography buff, I can find just the right perspective to show off the best a property has to offer. I am always taking into consideration, natural light and of course the natural beauty of the land.

Stunning Aerial Video

I will work directly with you prior to the flight to ensure that any special items are covered to your liking, or you can allow us and we will be sure to dazzle you with our own creativity. My goal is to see that even you, are amazed and pleased. There’s nothing better than to see a customer’s face the first time they see their home from these breathtaking heights.  

Property or structure inspection

Do it the easy way! Often it is too risky, dangerous or difficult for a human to climb and do inspections in challenging situations. This is when a drone is invaluable for viewing in real time or obtaining recorded video for later review. Drones enable me to inspect your roof, chimney, radio tower and more, safely.


What we do

We immediately capture viewers attention.

See the stunning new opportunities using Hi-resolution 4K drone videography

Don't get left behind! Explore the amazing world of drones. Sell your home much faster and save potential buyers the need to make a long drive to stay engaged in your property. Tease them with a birds eye view of your estate now!  Don't let your chances slip away 

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